An Accidental Encounter (Part 1)


Another day spent in Korea, the rain falling without pause.  For four days now it had been raining nonstop. I’m only here for two weeks! you thought to yourself, why did I have to come during the rainy season? You trudged grumpily through the puddles on the sidewalks.

 Your parents had sent you on a vacation to Korea as a present for graduating college. The first two days were beautiful and sun-shiny, but for the past four there had been nothing but continuous rainfall. It was putting a literal damper on your time.

You were aimlessly wandering the streets, tired of being cooped up in your hotel room and hungry for lunch. You were about to cross a small street and that’s when it hit you.

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Anonymous sent: Oh no you're leaving soon and I will have to wait for Part II of the hospital fiction~ok I will be patient and maybe you will return with more ideas from Korea. How about in Korea Eli was about to run over you, takes you to drink decide to live over there for him. Kind of a prequel to your other stories :P

i actually really like this idea for a scenario and i’m in the mood to write, so i’m going to do this one right now.

Anonymous sent: I like your writing. I'm not even an Eli stan at all (not even U-KISS), maybe soon to be ^^. But, it's really fluent, and even interesting. Even if you replaced the names it would still be a nice story. :-)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like~

I really need to get this blog going again and finish the last story and write some new ones. I promise it’s not dead, I’ve just gotten a bit busier. Heh.

Going to the Hospital (pt. 1)

It was a rare day. You had gotten off work and Eli invited you to come to U-Kiss’ practice room. Eli always asked the managers if you could come visit while they were practicing, but they almost always said, “No,” because they thought you would be too big of a distraction.

You slipped into the mirrored room and sat quietly in a corner. U-Kiss were in the middle of practicing their new choreography. They had a comeback the next week and had been extremely busy preparing for it. This was the first time you had seen Eli awake for more than 5 minutes in weeks; or at least, that was how it felt. You caught his eye in the mirror’s reflection and smiled at him. He winked at you and then fell right back into the focusing trance of the dance.

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There should be a new story posted sometime tonight.

Also, the request list has been updated.

Anonymous sent: School setting with all the U-KISS members. Reverse harem with membersxyou light smut maybe even some memberxmember love it may be too much but id really like to see you showcase how each member would woo a girl lol if its only eli based fiction i understand u_u

I would like to keep this an Eli-only blog. If you would like, I can still write a school setting type where Eli tries to woo you and other members feature. Please let me know. I will tentatively put this on the request list. I can always modify it.

New Page! Request List!

You can now check this page to see what will be coming up next! You can also verify if you submission has be received and that I understood what you wanted. 

Thank you!

The Eli Fiction


New fan fiction blog dedicated to U-Kiss’ Eli Kim.

You may (and please do) submit ideas via ask box or submission.

I will do pretty much any request, explicit or non-explicit, as long as it does not involve:

1. rape

2. domestic violence.

The list is subject to change if I find anything else I want to add to it. I also withhold the right to deny any request for any reason.

I will do Eli x You scenarios as well as Eli x Any Member scenarios. I prefer to write fluff for member pairings, but will do other things if requested and I find it appropriate. 

I will put anything I deem explicit under a read more tag. I will try to put a rating on all the posts.

Please submit!

These are the basic rules for requests, if you are interested. you can submit pictures or just make general requests. please be as specific as possible.

I will probably end up putting everything under a read more tag from now on, but if something is explicit, it will say so in the title and be rated with ‘r.’ 

Anonymous sent: are you gonna write smut?

If you request it. 

Taking Care of Him when He’s Sick (final)

After a few hours of letting Eli sleep, you went to the bedroom to wake him up. He looked a bit better than he had in the morning. The dark circles under his eyes seemed to have faded a bit. A sheen of sweat across his forehead told you that his fever was breaking.

“Eli,” you said softly and rubbed his shoulder. You didn’t have high hopes for waking him up this way. Eli was tough to rouse on a good day.

As you expected, he let out a soft grunt and rolled away from you.

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